Welcome to Staffordshire Chickens

We are a family run supplier of poultry and poultry supplies based at Eccleshall Stafford. Our Central location allows us to serve customers from the majority of the Midlands, including Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

We are DEFRA registered and all of our hybrid birds are supplied fully vaccinated, from point of lay and onwards. If you have any queries, please contact us

What was initially just a hobby, keeping a few birds for our own personal enjoyment and the marvelous fresh eggs, has grown and grown, until it became the Staffordshire Chickens we are known as today. Keeping your own hens gives you the peace of mind as to where your eggs have come from, and also the satisfaction of knowing your eggs are coming from a hen that is free to roam. Did you know that a Caged hen is only given on average 750cm2 to live in?
Unlike many of our competitors - Non of our birds are kept indoors, they all have access to clean fresh air. Do you really want to buy a bird that has been reared entirely indoors and never had access to the outside world.
All our hens are free range, to give them the best and happiest start to life.
Our hens are fully vaccinated, not just against the common diseases, such as mareks, Bronchitis, and IB infectious bursal disease etc etc. You can find more details on our hens vaccinations here
You can mix any of our birds, they all live together here, and get on well.