About Us

Here at Staffordshire Chickens the quality condition & living ethos of our birds is second to none. All our hens are vaccinated over a course of fifteen and a half weeks.

We only sell at point of lay from sixteen weeks onwards. All the birds are mite & worm free, and we care deeply about the quality of life our hens enjoy, so here they live in the open air. Upon purchase of your hens you will be given a vaccination sheet and dates advised as to when the birds will be due again for mite & worm preventative treatment. The birds do not need to be vaccinated again.

We offer a facility to call us with any questions you may have. We also offer a holiday scheme at the Chicotel, should you wish to board your hens when you go away on holiday yourself. The holidaying birds are kept separately from any other flocks for bio security and to prevent any cross contamination or spread of disease.

If you are new to chicken keeping, no worries; we will cover all the basics with you FREE of charge - And we are always only a phone call away. Chickens are easy & fun to keep. There is nothing nicer and tastier than collecting your own fresh eggs. Here are a few simple pointers

1. You do not need a cockerel to produce eggs
2. Birds are fine over winter - you do not need a heat lamp - Although a small light does help maintain egg production over the shortest days.
3. The birds do not need to be vaccinated again
4. Bedding is ideally shavings on the floor and straw for nest boxes. Not hay as it encourages mites and can be dusty.
5. Don't ever feed grass cuttings or raw potato peel - but grazing grass is fine.
6. Keep the housing and surrounding area in a clean condition to prevent pests.
7. Coop clean reccomended with Smite or Poultry Shield.
8. Wood ash is excellent in the prevention of mites - so if you have a wood burner - save the Ash - No coal though as it burns the bird’s skin – We use Smite Mite and Louse Powder together with wood ash. Giving your coop a good spray with Ardap really helps. All stocked in our comprehensive range of poultry care products within the shop.

Please call us here at Staffordshire Chickens as availability obviously changes on a daily basis although we usually have all birds in stock. We have a range of Coops, feeders and drinkers together with bags of layers pellets, should you require them.

Look forward to seeing you here at Staffordshire Chickens
Richard & Gail - 07748 635116